Immune response to different <i>Aspergillus</i> color mutants.

<p>Different mutant strains elicit diverse inflammatory responses and prime peculiar adaptive T<sub>H</sub> response. (A) DCs were cultured with UV-killed conidia or hyphae for 24 hours or without any stimuli (unstimulated, us) and supernatants were used for TNFα, IL-10, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-12p70 and IL-23 measurements. Data are represented as mean+SD (N = 6), *p≤0.05, **p≤0.01, conidial mutant strains <i>vs</i> conidial WT strain; <sup>§</sup>p≤0.05, <sup>§§</sup>p≤0.01, hyphal mutant strains vs hyphal WT strain. Complete statistically significant p-values are collected in <a href="" target="_blank">Table S2</a>. (B,C) Healthy PBMCs were cultured with live conidia or without any stimulus, and cytokine protein and transcript levels were measured. Data are represented as mean+SD (N = 6), *p≤0.05, **p≤0.01, mutants strain <i>vs</i> WT strain.</p>