IgG expression was strongly correlated to MTA1 expression and IgG down-regulation lowered MTA1 expression.

<p><b>A</b>, IgG was down-regulated with specific IGHG1 siRNA transfection with Real-time PCR. <b>B</b>, MTA1 expression was lowered following the decrease of IgG expression detected with Real-time PCR. <b>C</b>, typical bands represent the changes of IgG and MTA1 expressions after IGHG1 siRNA interference in A549 cell line. <b>D</b>, similar changes in SK-MES-1 cell line. <b>E</b>, Igγ (red, positive staining in cytoplasm) was mostly co-localized with MTA1 (purplish red, positive staining in nuclei) in lung cancers. Black arrows or arrowheads show typical cancer cells labeling with IgG and MTA1. <b>F</b>, lung cancers with weak IgG expression have a lower expression level of MTA1 in comparison to strong IgG expression cancers. <b>G</b>, lung cancers with lymph node metastasis have much higher MTA1 expression than non-metastatic cancers. The histograms represent the four independent assays. Data are presented as mean ± S.E. *, <i>p</i><0.05. Scale bars: 20 µm.</p>