Identification of new LXR targets in human monocytes.

A: Primary human monocytes were treated 24 hours with 10 µM T0901317 to perform microarray experiments. Fold induction represents gene expression fold increase between untreated monocytes and treated monocytes. p indicates the probability value calculation performed in the Rosetta Resolver system. B to E: Monocytes (B and E) macrophages (C)or foam cells (D) were treated with indicated concentrations of T0901317 (B, C and D) or GW3965 (E) at indicated times. CD226, CD244 and CD82 mRNA were evaluated by quantitative PCR. Each bar is the mean ± S.D. of triplicates determination of one experiment performed with one healthy donor. Results are representative of 5 independent experiments LXR regulation of CD markers has been validated in five distinct healthy donors * : significantly different from DMSO treatment (P<0.05 Mann-Whitney test).