IGF-1 enhances neurite-outgrowth.

<p>(<b>A</b>) E14 neurospheres were allowed to differentiate in the presence or absence of IGF-1. (<b>B, C</b>) Analysis of average of primary and secondary neurite length and average number of neurites per cell in NSCs differentiated in presence and absence of IGF-1. Neurite length was measured in randomly chosen cells (at least 8–10 different fields and approx 5 cells per field) by tracing individual neurites (as described in experimental procedures) and results are expressed as (<b>B</b>) average of total primary and secondary neurite lengths or (<b>C</b>) average number of neurites per cell. Statistical significance of the difference was determined using ANOVA. The result shows the mean ± S.E. of n = 3 combined experiments (***p<0.001, *p<0.05).</p>