IFN inhibition of replication is conserved among different Ad serotypes.

<p>(A) Nucleotide sequence alignment of the E1A enhancer regions from different Ad subgroups (serotypes Ad5, Ad3, Ad4, Ad9 and Ad12 corresponding to Ad subgroups C, B, E, D and A, respectively). Homologies (≥75% identity) are shaded in blue. The GABP and E2F binding sites, as well packaging repeats (arrowhead A1-5), are indicated. (B) HDF-TERT cells were treated with IFNs or left untreated for 24 hr and then infected with 25 virus particles/cell Ad5, Ad3, Ad4, or Ad12 or 5 virus particles/cell Ad9. Nuclear DNA was isolated at 6 hr post-infection to determine virus input and at 72 hr post-infection with Ad3, Ad4, Ad9 and Ad12 or at 48 hr post-infection with Ad5 to measure replication. Viral DNA levels were quantified by qPCR using a primer that recognizes conserved sequence in E1A (AdE1A-Pan) in combination with a serotype-specific primer (S1 Table in <a href="http://www.plospathogens.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.ppat.1005415#ppat.1005415.s001" target="_blank">S1 Materials and Methods</a>). The values were normalized to 1.0 in untreated cells and are plotted as mean ± sd, n = 3.</p>