HuR expression was not affected by Src, Raf1 and CaseinI inhibition in U937 monocytic cells.

Full length HuR (36 kDa) and HuR cleavage products (CP1; 24 kDa and CP2; 8 kDa) in LPS-stimulated U937 Mock, B27g, H9F and E45M cells at 5 h time point. In A, p38 inhibitor BIRB796 (Birb) was incubated with the cells 30, 60 or 90 min prior to LPS stimulation. In B, Src, Casein I (Cas) and Raf1 kinase inhibitors were incubated with the cells 15 min prior to LPS stimulation. Expression of HuR was determined by SDS-PAGE and Western blotting. HSPA8 was used as a loading control. Results from densitometric analysis of five independent experiments are shown in diagram. See Materials and Methods for details. * = P-value ≤0.06 for HuR,  = P-value ≤0.06 for CP1 and  = P-value ≤0.06 for CP2 versus untreated sample at the respective cell line.