Histopathology of Af293 and Af5517 infection.

<p>Neutropenic BALB/c mice were infected with Af293 or Af5517 and sacrificed after 3 days for lung histological analysis. (<b>A</b>) Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E)-stained sections (left panels) depict lung inflammation in mice infected with 5×10<sup>6</sup> conidia. Adjacent Gomori’s Methanamine Silver (GMS)-stained sections (right panels) show areas of fungal growth. The black bar (bottom right panel) is equivalent to 100 µm. (<b>B</b>) GMS staining representing fungal growth was quantified in sections from mice infected with 2×10<sup>6</sup> or 5×10<sup>6</sup> conidia, with the mean of four representative fields displayed for each sample. *p<0.05.</p>