Hierarchal clustering analysis of lipid molecular species during detachment-induced and ABA-promoted senescence.

2013-06-07T01:17:06Z (GMT) by Yanxia Jia Faqing Tao Weiqi Li

Leaves that had been detached from WS and PLDδ-KO plants were treated with sterile water or 50 µM ABA for 5 days. A. Absolute levels (nmol/mg dry weight) of lipid molecular species. B. Relative levels (mol%) of lipid molecular species. Each colored bar within a column represents the lipid molecular species in the indicated plants and treatments. The mean value of the same lipid molecular species in different plants and treatments in a row was calculated. The row-wise mean is subtracted from the values in each row of data, so that mean value of each row is zero. Each colored bar within a row represents the relative change from the mean center of each lipid species. Lipid species in the indicated lipid classes were organized using class (as indicated), total acyl carbons (in ascending order within a class), and total double bonds (in ascending order with class and total acyl carbons).