Hemolysis dependent of complement system.

<p>Human Erythrocytes, pre-treated with VBS<sup>2+</sup> or with <i>Sicarius ornatus</i> or <i>Loxosceles</i> spp. venoms, were incubated with autologous normal human serum. After incubation for 1 h at 37°C, unlysed cells were spun down; the absorbance of the supernatants was measured at 414 nm and expressed as percentage of lysis. Results are representative for three different experiments and expressed as mean ± SD of duplicates. The variation among experiments was around 10%. (*) Significant differences (<i>P</i><0.05) from control; (#) Significant differences from <i>Loxosceles</i> spp. venoms (<i>P</i><0.05); (•) Significant difference between female and male <i>Sicarius ornatus</i> venoms (<i>P</i><0.05).</p>