HIV-1 infection of MDMs activates serum TGF-β, leading to enhanced cell surface CD91/LRP-1 expression.

HIV-1-infected MDMs were treated either with MVC or EFZ (panel A) or either neutralizing TGF-β antibodies or Furin inhibitor I (panel B) during HIV-1 infection for 8 hours, and cell surface CD91/LRP-1 determined by flow cytometry as described in Materials and Methods. Both uninfected and untreated HIV-1-infected MDMs were used as controls. Graphs shown are from results obtained from a donor (shown with an asterisk) chosen from the three reported in the small table below each graph. Different donors were used in panels A and B. The percentage of CD91 positive cells and mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) (shown in parentheses) are illustrated for the six different donors tested.