HIS-24 and HPL-1/-2 depletion results in abnormal somatic gonad development and reduction of chromatin compaction.

<p>(A–D) Normal U-shaped form of gonad arm of wild type, <i>his-24</i> or <i>hpl-1</i> single, and <i>hpl-2; his-24</i> double mutants. (E) <i>hpl-1his-24</i> mutant animal demonstrates aberrant loop form of gonad arm. (F–K) DAPI stained gonad arms of <i>his-24</i>, <i>hil-3</i> or <i>hpl-2</i> single and <i>hpl-2; his-24</i> or <i>hpl-2; hil-3</i> double mutants. Stars point to pachytene stage germ nuclei. Scale bar: 10 µm. (L, M) Morphology of pachytene stage nuclei of the germ line of <i>hpl-2</i> mutant animals compared to the nuclei of <i>hpl-2; his-24</i> double mutants. Scale bar: 7.5 µm.</p>