Glutathionylation of purified IDE by GSSG.

<p>Post-translational modification of IDE by glutathionylation was measured by Western blotting with an anti-glutathione antibody (right panel). Anti-IDE blot is shown on the left. Partially-purified IDE was left untreated (lane 1) or treated with GSH [10<sup>−4</sup>, 10<sup>−3</sup>, or 10<sup>−2</sup> M, lanes 2 to 4 respectively] or GSSG [10<sup>−4</sup>, 10<sup>−3</sup>, or 10<sup>−2</sup> M, lanes 7 to 9, respectively]. Molecular weight markers, with their sizes indicated, are in lane 5. Lane 6 is a blank. GSSG dose-dependently increased glutathionylation of IDE, while GSH had no effect. Blot is representative of 4 similar experiments.</p>



CC BY 4.0