Gene expression profiles of W3 and w3 alleles from soybean cultivars.

(A) Photographic images of soybean genotypes W1W1W3W3w4w4 (L70-4422) with purple throat flowers, W1W1w3w3W4W4 (Harosoy) with purple flowers, W1W1w3w3w4w4 (L68-1774) with near-white flowers, and w1w1w3w3W4W4 (Williams 82) with white flowers. (B) RT-PCR analysis of Glyma.14G072700 (DFR1) and its related genes (Glyma.14G072800 and Glyma.14G197600) of the indicated lines. GmActin expression was used as the loading control. (C) qRT-PCR analysis of Glyma.14G072700 (DFR1). Values are means and standard deviations from three biological replicates. DFR1 expression was normalized with constitutive gene 7 (Cons7) as the reference gene.