Gene expression comparison between <i>C. albicans</i> alone and drug-treated groups in <i>Galleria mellonella</i>.

<p>Gene expression comparing <i>C. albicans</i> infected larvae group with and without antifungals. Expression of 17 gene transcripts in response to <i>C. albicans</i> and antifungal drugs 24 h post treatment. The value in each heat-map cell corresponds to the mean gene expression fold change relative to the uninjected larvae control (basal expression). To visualize the change in the gene expression a color gradient was used. The color gradients correspond to 3 different levels of gene expression relative to CA group. A light color represents low gene expression i.e.0–25% of that expressed by <i>C. albicans</i> alone; intermediate color to moderate gene expression i.e. 25%–50% of <i>C. albicans</i> alone; dark color to high gene expression, above 50% of <i>C. albicans</i> alone. The effect of MYR during <i>Candida</i> pathogenesis (MYR+CA group) in the <i>Galleria</i> larvae in comparison with CA group, showed a significant increase (*p<0.001) in the level of gene expression of 3 antimicrobial peptides GLIO, GVL and TSF, toll receptor 18W and stress related gene C1. On the other hand this treatment also caused a significant decrease of gene expression of IMPI, C5 (*p<0.001), C6 and C7 (**p<0.05). Abbreviations listed in <a href="" target="_blank">Figure 7</a>.</p>




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