Gas chromatograms of hexane extracts of newly molted euhermaphrodite phase (EP) shrimp (top) and intermolt EP shrimp, newly molted male phase (MP) shrimp, and intermolt MP shrimp (bottom, because there are no differences between the chromatograms of the latter three samples only the newly molted MP's chromatogram is presented here).

Peak 1 (pentadecyl 2-propenoate) at t = 7.44 min, peak 2 (unidentified) at t = 10.26 min, peak 3 (unidentified) at t = 10.74 min, peak 4 ((Z)-9-octadecenamide) at t = 13.81 min, peak 5 (squalene) at t = 17.32 min, peak 6 (dodecyl octadecanoate) at t = 21.30 min, peak 7 (unresolved organic acid ester) at t = 28.06 min, peak 8 (unidentified, unresolved double peak) at t = 28.16 min.