GFP+ NPC Implant Apoptosis. Implants were sectioned and immunostained for the early effector caspase, cleaved caspase-3 (red, GFP = green, DAPI = blue) and area of fluorescence relative to DAPI was quantified (b). On day one, the rate of implanted NPC apoptosis was significantly decreased when NPCs were co-implanted with BECs (0.103±0.025 versus 0.039±0.014, p = 0.0475).

<p>This initially higher rate of apoptosis significantly decreased by day 5 (0.036±0.050, p = 0.0063) to a rate comparable to that of the NPC∶BEC implants. This rate did not change at day 8 (0.029±0.008). The rate of NPC apoptosis in the NPC∶BEC implant, remained the same over time (day 1: 0.039±0.014, day 5: 0.018±0.008, day 8: 0.032±0.009). Error bars correspond to ± SE. Scale bar: 50 µm.</p>