Fluorescent PCR strategy and examples of mutant peaks from founder screening and F1 genotyping.

<p>A) Schematic of the fluorescent PCR strategy. Target region is shown as two black lines. Forward primers are denoted as FAM (blue star) -labeled M13F primer (M13F-FAM) and gene-specific primer with M13F tail (M13F-tailed forward primer). Reverse primer is denoted as the gene-specific part and the PIG-tail sequence (PIG-tailed reverse primer). B and C) Founder screening for <i>ak2</i> using 4 pooled embryos per well (B) and genotyping of heterozygous adults from F1 progeny of the corresponding transmitting founders (C). Fragment size scales are shown on the top and each fragment's size is marked underneath the peak. Vertical scale marks the intensity of the peaks. Black arrows mark the 257 bp peak corresponding to the Wild-type allele observed in all samples. The top panel in B is a Wild-type control DNA sample, the middle panel is a founder transmitting a 1 bp insertion mutation (258 bp, marked by a red arrow) and the bottom panel shows a founder transmitting two mutations, a 13 bp deletion (244 bp, marked by a green arrow) and a 4 bp insertion (261 bp, marked by a blue arrow). In C each panel shows a heterozygous adult zebrafish and color-matched arrows mark the mutant peaks.</p>




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