Feeding intake of the redclaw crayfish <i>C</i>. <i>quadricarinatus</i> during the recovery period.

2015-09-30T03:05:17Z (GMT) by Liane Stumpf Laura S. López Greco
<p>Temperature regimes: 23±1°C, 27±1°C and 31±1°C; feeding regimes: DF (juveniles fed daily throughout the experimental period) and CF (juveniles fed for 4 days followed by 4 days of food deprivation in cycles during the first 45 days of the experimental period, and fed daily from day 45 to day 90), and different time of the recovery period: days 45–60, days 60–75 and days 75–90. Letters “a,b,c,d” indicate significant differences interaction between feeding regime and time. Letters “x,y,z” indicate significant differences among temperatures.</p>