Expression of siG4-resistant BGLF4 restores synthesis of EBV late transcripts.

<p>The effect of siG4 on the level of two early and six late viral transcripts was analyzed by RT-qPCR. The early transcripts are BMRF1 (polymerase processivity factor) and BRLF1 (transcription factor). The late transcripts are BLLF1 (gp350/gp220 major glycoprotein), BFRF3 (minor capsid protein), BLRF2 (tegument protein), BDLF1 (triplex capsid protein), BdRF1 (scaffold protein), and BcLF1 (major capsid protein). The relative abundance of each transcript was calculated using the ΔΔ<i>C<sub>T</sub></i> method.</p>