Expression of perivascular and endothelial cell-specific markers in wound repair.

<p>Analysis of PECAM1, desmin, α-SMA and Sca1 expression in the wounded skin. (A) Dorsal view of full thickness wounds on the back skin of mice one (D1), seven (D7) and 14 (D14) days post injury. Representative H&E-stained cryosections of selected wounds (arrowhead) during inflammation (D1), granulation (D7) and remodeling (D14) are shown. (B-D) Immunostaining of (B) PECAM1/desmin, (C) PECAM1/α-SMA or (D) PECAM1/Sca1 expression at the different stages of wound healing. The individual monochrome signals for PECAM1, desmin, α-SMA and Sca1 are shown in overviews. Squares within the images represent closeups of overlays for the PECAM1/desmin, PECAM1/α-SMA PECAM1/Sca1 stainings (B-D). Bars 1 cm (A, top), 1 mm (A, lower panel), 100 µm (B).</p>