Expression of myosin IC isoform A in prostate tissue.

Representative image of immunohistochemical analysis of SV40-TAg (A&B), myosin IC isoform A (C&D), and isoform B (E&F) expression in prostate glands of 22 weeks of age wild-type (left column) and TRAMP (right column) mice. The slides were counterstained with hematoxylin. Images were taken at 20x magnification. The histological changes of the TRAMP mouse prostate that are associated with PIN lesions are obvious (left column, B, D, F). As expected, SV40-TAg immunostaining is negative in wild-type prostate (A) and strongly nuclear in TRAMP prostate (B). Myosin IC isoform A shows very weak immunostaining in wild type prostate tissue (C) but strong, predominantly cytoplasmic staining in TRAMP prostate with PIN lesions (D). Myosin IC isoform B shows strong staining in both, wild type and TRAMP, prostate tissue (E&F).