Expression of miR-22 in human cells, normal human colon tissue and human colon cancer.

(A) MiR-22 expression in normal human tissues. A commercial membrane containing RNA from normal human tissues was probed for miR-22 using Northern analysis. (B) MiR-22 expression in cell lines. Cell lysates were probed for miR-22 by Northern blotting. (C) MiR-22 and VEGF expression in normal human colon tissue and human colon cancer. RNA was extracted from 9 normal human colon specimens (white) and from 9 human colon cancer specimens (black), and analyzed by qPCR for miR-22 and VEGF expression (n = 9± S.D.). Colon cancer specimens contain less miR-22 and more VEGF than normal colon specimens. (D) The association of miR-22 and VEGF in human colon cancer. Natural log transformation of relative ratio of RNA for miR-22 and VEGF was used for statistical analysis (n = 30).




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