Expression of human B and T cell receptor signaling-associated genes in tumors and xenografts.

(A) Expression of genes associated with B or T cell receptor signaling are shown in the log-transformed heatmap with unsupervised hierarchical cluster analysis performed on all samples (x-axis) and genes (y-axis). The total height of the vertical dendrogram arms separating any two samples is proportional to the differences in gene expression across all listed genes between those samples. The scale bar correlates normalized read counts to color. Along the bottom of the panel, samples are coded as follows: N = normal colon, PHT = parental human tumor, SX = stromal xenograft, CX = carcinoma xenograft. (B) Immunohistochemical staining for PDCD1 in the D61540 parental tumor (top) and its first-generation xenograft (bottom). White scale bar in top micrograph represents 200 µm. (C) Flow cytometric analysis of human PDCD1 (PD-1) and CTLA-4 expression by cells isolated from the D61540 first-generation xenograft.