Expression of PxylOR1 and PxylOR4 genes in male antenna of <i>P. xylostella</i>.

<p><i>In situ</i> hybridizations were performed with digoxigenin-labelled antisense RNA probes on longitudinal tissue sections of male antennae. Signals were visualized using an anti-DIG antibody. (<b>A</b>) Hybridization signals in one segment of the <i>P. xylostella</i> antenna are shown. (<b>B</b>) Negative control with a DIG-labeled sense probe. (<b>C</b>) Higher magnification of long trichoid sensilla with hybridization signals. (<b>D</b>) <b>to</b> (<b>G</b>) No hybridization signal was detected under short trichoid sensilla, basiconi sensilla, coeloconic sensilla and chaetica sensilla. Scale bars: 5 µm in A–B and 2 µm in C–G.</p>