Expression of Ppud-1::GFP::pud-1 and Ppud-2::GFP::pud-2 from single-copy transgenes inserted into the C. elegans genome.

PUD-1 (A, B, E) and PUD-2 (C, D, F) are both expressed the intestine (arrowheads) and hypodermis (long arrow). In the intestinal cells, PUD-1 (B) and PUD-2 (D) are distributed diffusely in the cytoplasm and the nucleoplasm, and largely excluded from the nucleolus (short arrow) expect for one or more nuclear puncta. The nucleolar GFP puncta are more distinct in high-copy transgenic strains (Figure S1). PUD-1 (E) and PUD-2 (F) are both localized in the hypodermal fibrous organelles with a characteristic circumferential orientation.