Expression of PDE6β1-314fs*50 in transgenic <i>X. laevis</i> rods photoreceptors.

<p>A. <i>left</i> - EGFP fluorescence in living photoreceptor cells expressing PDE6β1-314fs*50, <i>center</i> - DIC image, <i>right</i> - EGFP-fluorescence/DIC overlay. <i>Bar</i> - 10 µm. B. Co-localization of PDE6β1-314fs*50 (green) with the rod outer segment marker Wheat Germ Agglutinin (red) in cryosections of transgenic retina. Cryosections were counterstained with TO-PRO3 nuclear stain (blue). <i>Bar</i> - 10 µm. C. Isotonic (I), hypotonic (H) extracts of transgenic PDE6β1-314fs*50 retinas were analyzed by immunoblotting with anti-GFP B-2 monoclonal antibody.</p>