Expression of JH biosynthesis pathway genes in tissues from forager bees.

<p>Genes are grouped according to the function of the corresponding enzymes: (A) basal mitochondrial metabolism; (B, C) mevalonate pathway; (D) JH-specific steps; (E) methyl moiety transfer. Total RNA extracted from <i>corpora allata</i>-<i>corpora cardiaca</i> complexes (CA-CC), brain, fat body (FB), and ovaries were used for transcript quantification by real time RT-PCR (RT-qPCR). Each column in the graphs represents transcript levels in a single sample of 20–25 pooled CA-CC complexes, and 10 pooled brains, fat bodies and ovaries. The highest expression value for each gene was converted to 1. In the insert (C) the highest expression level among <i>fpps</i> genes was converted to 1.</p>