Expression of <i>Brca1</i>, <i>Rad51</i> and <i>E2f1</i> in the developing facial primordia.

<p>Whole-mount <i>in situ</i> hybridisation (A–F) showing the expression of <i>Brca1</i> (A, D), <i>Rad51</i> (B, E) and <i>E2F1</i> (C, F) in E11.5 (A–C) and E12.5 (D–F) embryos. Expression is indicated by the blue/purple staining. A–C are sagittal views of the developing head whilst A’–C’ are frontal sections through the embryos shown in A–C. A’’–C’’ show high power views through the developing maxillary primordia, lateral and medial nasal processes. E–F are frontal sections through the developing E12.5 palatal shelves. <i>e</i>, eye; <i>l</i>, lateral nasal process; <i>m</i>, medial nasal process; <i>Md</i>, mandibular primordia; <i>Mx</i>, maxillary primordia; <i>ps</i>, palatal shelves.</p>