Expression of ARF1, ARF6 and CYTH3 proteins in human myometrium.

<p>A. Immunoblot analysis of the expression of ARF6, ARF1, CYTH1-4 and tubulin proteins in human placenta and myometrium. Lanes 1, Placental lysate, and 2, NP myometrium lysate. Immunoblot analysis of ARF6 and ARF6 (B) and CYTH1-4. (C) protein expression in human myometrium of NP, NIL, SL, NP-SL and PT-NIL. The tissue lysate proteins (50 µg) were separated by SDS-PAGE, blotted onto PVDF membranes, and probed with the indicated antibody (i). The lysate of MDA-MB-231 cells was used as a positive control (+ve) where indicated. The intensity of the bands was quantified by densitometric scanning. The data were normalised to the amount of tubulin in each sample and shown as means ± SE of 4 samples in the bottom graph (ii).</p>