Expression level of selected miRNA and selection scheme of miR-1290 target genes.

<p>A) Overexpression of miR-1290 and miR-1246 in primary LSCC cases (LNA real-time qPCR). B) Schematic presentation of the selection process of miR-1290 candidate genes. C) Expression level of <i>MAF</i>, <i>ITPR2</i> and <i>RGS5</i> in LSCC cell lines and no tumor controls (Affymetrix U133 plus 2.0) based on [<a href="" target="_blank">20</a>]. * fold change in LSCC cell lines compared to no tumor controls. D) Expression level of <i>MAF</i> and <i>ITPR2</i> in 22 primary tumor samples compared to 5 no tumor controls.</p>