<i>Ex-vivo</i> IFN-γ ELISpot insert responses.

<p>Responses to Ag85A (A), Ag85B (B) and TB10.4 (C) in BCG-vaccinated, healthy adults for Group A (AERAS-402, AERAS-402, MVA85A), Group B (AERAS-402, MVA85A) and Group C (AERAS-402, AERAS-402, AERAS-402). Responses to Ag85A are also shown from TB022 (MVA85A). Box and whisker plots show median, inter-quartile range, minimum and maximum values. Stars denote significant changes in responses after vaccination (Wilcoxon matched pairs) * p = < 0.05, ** p = < 0.01, *** p = < 0.001, ns = not significant.</p>