Evaluation of the Role of KLF11 in the regulation of fibrogenic signaling.

<p>(<b>A</b>) KLF11 binding to the promoters of known fibrosis associated genes was evaluated by Chromatin immunoprecipitation <i>in vivo</i> in endometrial stromal cells. Representative targets from diverse families of fibrogenic genes are shown (Collagens, MMP, TGF-β signaling pathway). KLF11 but not a control species and isotype-specific IgG bound candidate promoter GC-elements in these putative target genes. (<b>B</b>) Functional competence of the KLF11-binding promoter element was tested in promoter-luciferase reporter assays. T-HESC endometrial cells were transfected with 2.5 µg of either pcDNA3/His-<i>KLF11</i> or corresponding pcDNA3/His-<i>EV</i> and 3 µg of pGL3/promoter-reporter construct for 48 hours. Normalized luciferase expression levels obtained with KLF11 compared to EV are shown. Compared to corresponding empty vector, KLF11 significantly repressed COL1A1, 1A2, MMP3, 10 and TGFβR1- promoter luciferase levels, whereas it activated expression from the COL3A1-reporter (* = p<0.05).</p>