Estimated QTL effects from the full model for the number of panicles per plant.

2014-01-29T03:40:30Z (GMT) by Anhui Huang Shizhong Xu Xiaodong Cai
<p><i><sup>a</sup></i>add: additive effect; dom: dominance effect. If <i>i</i> equals <i>j</i>, then it is a main effect, otherwise, it is an interaction between locus <i>i</i> and locus <i>j</i>. Total number of effects is 112, only 54 effects with a <i>p</i>-value ≤0.01 are listed in this table.</p><p><i><sup>b</sup></i>The estimated marker effect is denoted by and the standard deviation is denoted by .</p><p><i><sup>c</sup></i><i>P</i>-value is obtained via <i>t</i>-test.</p><p><i><sup>d</sup></i>Phenotypic variation explained.</p>