Estimated Numbers of Persons Infected with Neurocysticercosis or Epilepsy due to Neurocysticercosis by Region.

a<p>See text for methods used to derive these estimates.</p>b<p>Assumes that 10% of those seropositive to <i>T. solium</i> have epilepsy. (Extraction of data from manuscripts summarized in references <a href="" target="_blank">[7]</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">[11]</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">[31]</a>). Seizure rates in populations seropositive to <i>T. solium</i> were greater than in seronegative populations by approximately 9.4% (range 1.7–31.3%). Therefore, we assumed 10% of seizures were attributable to NCC in Chinese seropositive populations.</p>c<p>Assuming 1/3 of the SSA population of 560 million at risk.</p>