Establishment of <i>Didemnum</i> in suspended and seabed treatments in summer 2008 at Blackwood Bay.

<p>Perspex plates were positioned in face-up and face-down orientations, with the seabed treatment including a Cage and No Cage comparison. All plates were exposed to larval recruitment from a floating pontoon approximately 25 m away, for a three month experimental duration. A). Mean <i>Didemnum</i> cover (% cover ±1SE) on plates inoculated with <i>Didemnum</i> fragments. B). Mean density of <i>Didemnum</i> recruits (±1SE) on plates subjected only to ambient larval supply. Different letters (a,b,c) indicate significant differences as indicated by the PERMANOVA post-hoc <i>t</i>-test.</p>