Enhanced radiosensitivity of CD133<sup>+</sup> AT/RT cells after combined treatment with a checkpoint kinases inhibitor and BCL-2 siRNA.

<p>(A) Western blott data showed that the protein levels of BCL-2 in CD133<sup>+</sup> AT/RT were significantly upregulated compared with those of CD133<sup>−</sup>. Treatment of BCL-2 siRNA can efficiently block the protein expression of BCL-2 in CD133<sup>+</sup> (upper part). The effect of IR on CD133<sup>+</sup> AT/RT cells was significantly improved by DBH alone or DBH in comination with BCL-2 siRNA (lower part). The tumorigenic properties of (B) migration/invasion and (C) tumor colony formation were significantly inhibited in CD133− AT/RT cells treated by DBH alone or DBH combined with BCL-2 siRNA as compared to CD133<sup>+</sup> and IR-treated only CD133<sup>+</sup> groups. *p<0.05. Data shown are the mean±SD of three experiments.</p>