Encapsulation response of <i>G. mellonella</i> was decreased during <i>Candida</i> pathogenesis.

<p>Melanization of the implants was quantified to determine if encapsulation was affected during <i>Candida</i> pathogenesis after implants were introduced into the left pro-leg of larvae 24 h post- infection. Two hours after insertion of implants, during <i>C. albicans</i> pathogenesis (n = 5, triplicated), the degree of the melanization was quantified using Image Pro software by first measuring the coloration (gray value) of all areas of each implant, and then comparing these values with intact implants (not inserted). Decreased encapsulation responses were observed in larvae infected with <i>Candida</i> with or without pre treatment with MYR compared with PBS injected larvae (Figure A, *p<0.05). Plastic implants inserted into <i>C. albicans-</i>infected <i>Galleria</i> larvae showed markedly reduced melanization illustrated in the Figure C compared with PBS control insects (Figure B).</p>



CC BY 4.0