Elevated levels of released mediators are detected when triggering sensitized RBL cells with nOVA.

<p>RBL cells sensitized with the 6<sup>th</sup> immune serum from the immunized or naïve animals were challenged with OVA (blue boxes), nOVA (green boxes) or nitrated Bet v1 (beige boxes). An enhanced mediator release was observed upon triggering with nOVA in RBL cells sensitized with sera of groups fed with OVA and snOVA under anti-acid medication. This elevated mediator release was also observed with sera from the positive control groups (OVA, snOVA and nOVA ip.), which additionally reacted with nitrated Bet v1. No mediator release with any of the allergens was observed in RBL cells sensitized with sera of groups immunized with OVA ig., snOVA ig., nOVA ig. under concomitant anti-acid medication, nOVA ig. and of the naïve animals, where no IgE was detected. The boxes represent the inner quartiles value range with the median indicated as black line. Outliers and extremes are marked with circles and asterisks. Brackets indicate the groups with statistical significant differences in released mediator levels (*P<0.05, **P<0.01).</p>