Efficient invalidation of <i>TMEM45A</i> in RHE after 11 days of reconstruction (A-C) and in monolayer culture of human keratinocytes (D-F).

<p><b>(A)</b> Relative quantification of TMEM45A mRNA levels in epidermis reconstructed with keratinocytes transduced with NT shRNA or shRNA targeting TMEM45A. Bars represent 95% confidence intervals. Paired t-test (n = 3, **p≤0.1). <b>(B)</b> Morphology of HE-stained epidermis. Bars: 50 μm. <b>(C)</b> Immunofluorescence detection of TMEM45A in RHE. Bars: 50 μm. <b>(D)</b> Relative mRNA quantification in monolayers at subconfluence (SC), confluence (C) and post-confluence (PC). Bars represent 95% confidence intervals. ANOVA 2 (n = 3, *** p≤0.001). <b>(E)</b> TMEM45A abundance analysis by WB in post-confluent monolayer culture. RPL13a is the loading control. <b>(F)</b> Detection of TMEM45A in confluent monolayers culture. Bars: 25 μm. (B, C, E, F). The presented data are representative of the results obtained for at least three independent experiments.</p>