Effects of d.n. IKKβ-EGFP on muscle fiber cross sectional area (CSA).

(A) Mean tibialis anterior (TA) fiber cross-sectional area in control and C26 tumor-bearing mice in the presence or absence of d.n. IKKβ-EGFP. Each bar represents mean fiber area from 8 muscles (± SE). The average number of fibers measured per muscle was 200. (B) Fiber area frequency distribution of all fibers from muscles of control, C26, and C26 + d.n. IKKβ-EGFP groups. (C) Western blots of lysates from TA muscles injected with the empty vector (EV) or d.n. IKKβ-EGFP plasmid confirms overexpression of the fusion protein. d.n. IKKβ-EGFP is 114 kDa. All samples are from the same immunoblot. (D) Representative cross sections of TA muscles from control and C26 tumor-bearing mice injected with the d.n. IKKβ-EGFP plasmid. Fluorescent red represents laminin staining (anti-laminin incubation followed by Texas Red-X fluorescent dye-conjugated secondary antibody). Fluorescent green cytoplasm represents expression of transfected d.n. IKKβ-EGFP. C  =  control; * significantly different from control (P<0.05). † significantly different from C26 fibers not transfected with d.n. IKKβ-EGFP (P<0.05).