Effects of cytoskeleton disrupting drugs on the infectious entry of CHIKV into C6/36 cells.

<p>C6/36 cells were pre-treated with different drug inhibitors for 3 hours before CHIKV infection. Supernatants were harvested 24 hours p.i for viral plaque assays. Minimal involvement of actin was observed on CHIKV entry as revealed by the infectious virus titer of the (a) cytochalasin B- and (b) cytochalasin D-treated C6/36 cells as compared to mock-treated cells. Similarly, microtubules-disrupting drugs on CHIKV-infected C6/36 cells showed no inhibition on CHIKV entry into (c) nocodazole- and (d) colchicine-treated cells. (e) nifedipine has minimal effect on the infectious entry of CHIKV into C6/36 cells. The log virus titre is plotted against the concentrations of drug used. Cell viability upon drug treatments is represented by the line graphs. The asterisk indicates *<i>p</i> values<0.05 by Student's <i>t</i>. Asterisks indicate statistically significant results relative to control group (▪).</p>