Effects of Nv-osk pRNAi during oogenesis.

A: Wild type Nasonia ovariole stained with Nv-otd1 (green) Nv-nos (red), and DAPI (blue). B: Strong Nv-osk pRNAi knockdown , very few mature egg chambers are formed. C,D: In weaker Nv-osk pRNAi knockdowns the linear arrangement of egg-chambers is severely disrupted. Egg chambers in reverse orientation (arrowhead) or perpendicular to the AP axis of the ovariole (arrows) are observed. Within the oocytes, axial polarity (asterisks) and mRNA localization (arrowhead in C) defects occur. E, E′: In wild type, Nv-Vas protein is not localized in young oocytes (E′) even though high levels of Nv-osk mRNA are localized at the posterior pole (E). Nv-Vas protein appears to be concentrated on the surface of the most anterior nurse cell nuclei. F, F′: Nv-osk mRNA (F) and Nv-Vas (F′) accumulation late in oogenesis. G, G′: Expression of Nv-osk (G) and Nv-Vas (G′) after Nv-osk pRNAi.