Effects of 5′ and 3′ deletions of the <i>YRA1</i> intron on Edc3p-mediated <i>YRA1</i> pre-mRNA decay.

2010-04-27T00:47:36Z (GMT) by Shuyun Dong Allan Jacobson Feng He
<p>A set of <i>yra1</i> alleles containing 3′ or 5′ deletions of the <i>YRA1</i> intron was constructed and the steady-state levels of transcripts encoded by each of these alleles in wild-type (1), <i>upf1Δ</i> (2), <i>edc3Δ</i> (3), and <i>upf1Δedc3Δ</i> (4) cells were determined by Northern blotting. Blots were hybridized with probes complementary to the <i>YRA1</i> or <i>SCR1</i> transcripts, with the latter serving as a loading control. The positions of <i>YRA1</i> pre-mRNAs encoded by the endogenous and all the exogenous <i>YRA1</i> alleles are marked by a triangle and by diamonds, respectively. A schematic diagram of the <i>yra1</i> alleles analyzed is shown above the Northern blot, with the relative position of each deletion indicated. Pre-mRNAs encoded by each of the <i>YRA1</i> mutant alleles cannot be spliced to produce mRNAs, as the 5′ or 3′ splicing signals were deleted from these pre-mRNAs.</p>