Effects of 5-HTP administration in IL-13−/− mice in DSS-induced colitis.

<p>5-HTP 100 mg/kg treatment started 3 days prior to 5 days of 5% DSS administration, control groups received saline. (A) Colonic 5-HT levels (B) DAI (C) Macroscopic scores (D) Histological scores (i) and (ii) Representative light micrograph of an H&E-stained colonic section. From colonic tissue (E) IL-1β and (F) IL-6 levels. DAI data represented as mean ± SEM from 4 to 6 mice; *represents statistical significance where p<0.05; <sup>#</sup>significant difference between IL-13−/− +5-HTP and IL-13−/− +saline, both groups receiving DSS; <sup>@</sup> indicates no significant difference between IL-13−/− groups receiving saline as vehicle.</p>