Effect of treatments on cell apoptosis in the CRL-5904 brain tumors.

<p>(a) Western blot analysis of an apoptotic maker, cleaved PARP, is shown. The cleaved PARP band has higher expression in the brain tumor lysates (brain tumor) after treatment of mice with Herceptin plus vardenafil (H+V) compared to Herceptin alone (H), vardenafil alone (V) or saline (S). Lane C+, positive controls of cleaved PARP and GAPDH (internal housekeeping control). No cleaved PARP band is observed in the contralateral normal brains in any treatment group (normal brain). (b) The ratio of cleaved PARP versus GAPDH in CRL-5904 brain tumors was plotted using ImageJ. Brain tumors after co-treatment with Herceptin and vardenafil have increased apoptosis as compared to other treatments.</p>