Effect of rC-DSP on cell differentiation and biomineralization.

<p>For differentiation assay, the cells were treated with rC-DSP or without rC-DSP (con) for 7 days, ALP activity was determined as described under “Materials and Methods”. (<b>A</b>). The cells were fixed and stained for ALP activity. (<b>B</b>). Data were means ± S.D. (n=3) from three independent experiments. There were significantly different between rC-DSP treated groups and rC-DSP untreated groups (*<i>p</i><0.05). (<b>C</b>). For cell biomineralization, the cells were maintained in the same condition for 21 days. PDL and PDLSC cells were fixed and stained for Alizarin S Red. (<b>D</b>). Calcium deposits were determined by Osteogenesis Assay kit described in “Materials and Methods”. Data represent mean ± S.D. in triplicate from three independent experiments. Con, control. </p>




CC BY 4.0