Effect of PET-LM on differentiation and lipid droplet and glycerol accumulation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes.

<p>Cells were incubated in adipogenic differentiation medium without (A and C) and with 100 µg /ml PET-LM (B and D) for 10 days. Panels A and B show a representative picture (20× magnification) from three independent experiments. The cells in panels C and D were processed for Oil Red O staining and a representative photograph (10× magnification) from triplicate experiments is shown. (E) The absorbance of Oil Red O incorporated into the differentiated cells in the presence and absence of 100 µg/ml PET-LM for 10 days was determined at 490 nm. (F) The cells were also processed for glycerol accumulation assay after 5 days of differentiation. The results show the mean ± SE from triplicate experiments. <sup>*</sup>p<0.05 and <sup>**</sup>p<0.01 vs. the non-treated control values.</p>