Effect of LT-synthesis blockade <i>in vivo</i> during infection with <i>P. brasiliensis</i>.

<p>WT mice were treated with zileuton (30 mg/Kg/day; 0.2 ml by gavage) before infection with <i>P. brasiliensis</i> yeasts. (A) MPO activity in the lungs of mice inoculated with <i>P. brasiliensis</i> yeasts was expressed in relative units. Control (NI) mice were injected with PBS and treated daily with the same volume of vehicle solution by the same route. BAL cells were obtained from mice 24 and 72 h after infection and neutrophils (B) and mononuclear cells (C) were counted and identified after staining. (D) Fungal burden was evaluated by counting the number of viable yeasts presents in BAL (left) and lung homogenates (right). The results were expressed as the mean ± SEM (n = 5). Symbol * represents significant difference (*p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001) between infected mice compared to respective control group. Symbol <sup>†</sup> represents significant difference (<sup>†</sup>p<0.05, <sup>††</sup>p<0.01, <sup>†††</sup>p<0.001) to infected mice counterparts in evaluated periods. Symbol <sup>‡</sup> represents significant difference (<sup>‡‡</sup>p<0.01, <sup>‡‡‡</sup>p<0.001) between WT and 5-LO<sup>−/−</sup> mice in the respective periods evaluated. ND, not detected.</p>