Effect of AMD3100 treatment on CXC chemokine receptor 4<sup>+</sup> (CXCR4<sup>+</sup>) cells.

<p>Quantification of the number of total CXCR4<sup>+</sup> cells (<b>A</b>), CXCR4<sup>+</sup> von Willebrand Factor<sup>+</sup> (vWF<sup>+</sup>) cells (<b>B</b>) and CXCR4<sup>+</sup> α-smooth muscle actin<sup>+</sup> (α-SMA<sup>+</sup>) cells (<b>C</b>) per vessel in pulmonary arteries of SuHx animals treated with vehicle or AMD3100. The data indicate that while the number of total CXCR4<sup>+</sup> cells and CXCR4<sup>+</sup> α-SMA<sup>+</sup> cells per vessel was significantly reduced by AMD3100 treatment, there was only a small trend towards decreased number of CXCR4<sup>+</sup> vWF<sup>+</sup> cells per vessel in AMD3100 treated SuHx animals. n = 4 animals/group. * <i>P</i><0.05, *** <i>P</i><0.0001.</p>