EZH2 expression in colon cancer cell lines.

<p><b>A</b> Immunoblot analysis of EZH2 protein expression. Tubulin, loading control. <b>B</b> qRT-PCR analyses of <i>EZH2</i> mRNA expression. Data are presented as fold differences in gene expression, normalized to a housekeeping gene index. Standard deviations from two reverse transcription replicates are indicated. <b>C</b> Modulation of EZH2 protein expression by RNAi. EZH2 expression was determined by immunoblot analysis 48 hours after transfection with <i>EZH2</i>-targeting siRNAs or control siRNAs, as indicated. siEZH2pool: pooled <i>EZH2</i>-targeting siRNAs. Tubulin, loading control.</p>



CC BY 4.0